Young welder boy who won Joseph Edet giveaway sets up business


Emmanuel Ekpo a Calabar based Akwa Ibom welder who filled in for the Joseph Edet “Lashakara” giveaway contest for SMEs (small businesses) in Calabar and successfully scaled through all the screening processes, topping as the winner has started his own private Enterprise.

This was announced by the winner himself on his Facebook page while lauding and pouring encomiums on the philanthropist for helping actualize his dream of starting up his own business after 3 years of training in Calabar.

“I was trained as a welder and I am very good and can do my business. We have constants light in the community I stay but for lack of funds, it became difficult for me to start my own business but look at me today” - Emmanuel explained.

Notably were the welding items he purchased and displayed.
Items which included a welding machine, a cutting machine and other materials to aid start the business.
“With these items, I can start doing my own business and start making money. I am so grateful to Mr Joseph for touching my life”, he added.

Recall that Joseph Edet had launched a giveaway project to mark Nigeria at 60 as a country with a cash prizes to individuals who can outlay their business plans clearly to win the cash attached.
The adjudication team recorded well over 2,000 entries in total on Instagram, Facebook comments and WhatsApp appeals of which 23 persons were selected with 3 topmost winners and a cash compensation for the other 20 persons.

Very laudable was the door to door presentation the cash awards to the top winners, where the team had their first hand contact with Emmanuel who took them round his training center to show what level of impact has been done on his life.

Reacting Mr Joseph Edet stated that this experience has kindle his zest to enlarge the program and prompted young enterprising Crossriverians to be on the lookout for even more editions which he said will be coming up in different batches this year.

“I am happy about what I have seen thus far, the enthusiasm by young people to do business and even increase their yields.
It goes further to prove that the youths are not lazy and from my part, I will do more to encourage them because I know how I started my business years ago”

“This is just my personal contributions and from the side of Government, the youths should start expecting more from his Excellency the Governor whom I trust has very great plans for them” - he said.


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