G-Factor Initiative comes public, says they have reached over 10,000 youth in C'river alone


The Genius Factor Youth Development and Empowerment Program – G/Factor otherwise known as Guided was founded by Pastor David Ojeta.
G-Factor is a youth initiative created out of the burning passion for societal transformation in under developed and developing Nations beginning from Africa. 
Guided is an initiative aimed at helping thousands of youths annually to discover themselves and get the relevant training and mentorship they need to become positive contributors to societal development.

While giving his address, the G-Coach, Pastor David said, “It is worthy to note that every society is as strong as it's human resource and their value system”.

He explained that the crimes spike in the society are being committed by the young people who are between the ages of 17-24 years of age. 
“If we can redirected out energies and help these people who are in their formative age, to direct these people to cultivate godly characters and values and equip them via capacity building, skills acquisition and release them back to the society, I believe our country will be a better place” - he opined.

The G-Coach also stated that the program has trained an average of 10,000 young people in the State since 2009.
Using a one and one contact relationship with the youth, the NGO is said to have organised several booth camps for these exercises to reoriented the minds of these young people by helping boost their level of self confidence.
Ms. Vidal, a foremost facilitator of the program noted that most young people who are enlisted for their programs come in broken and with a very low self esteem and poor rationale but they end up leaving their camps as bold and confident chaps, ready to face whatever challenges the society throws at them with not just an active skill at hand but an opportunity to make a living through their empowerment scheme.

“We have 33.7 million young people in Nigeria, under the age of 50 and 13.9million of these number of people are unemployed”, she stated, adding that, “any government that doesn't pay attention, doesn't have a plan for the nation, doesn't have a plan for the future, doesn't have a plan for the continent. There is no going forward without young people”, Miss Vidal said.

She noted that this is the kind of burden that gave rise to the birth of the G-Factor Initiative which is channelled at addressing these issues systematically through youth development, mentorship and empowerment.
She explained further that these trainings are in three segments to fully equip the trainee and they are;
Training of the heart, which deals squarely on character development to reoriented the value challenges of the young person and then the training of the head, which deals with the intellectual repositioning before the skills training which she termed the training of the hand.

One of such has been brought to light by the launch of the One Youth/One Farm Program under the G-Factor Young Farmers Corporative Club, powered by the G-Farms which is a subset of the G-Factor Initiative.
Under this program, a large expanse of land is acquired and thousands of young people are allocated land space and encourage through the process with seedlings, fertilizers and other aides with close supervision to ensure it's driven to realization.
One of such location is the expanse along Tinapa's abandoned forest which today have been harnessed and currently housing thousands of plantain and banana suckers, potatoes and other crops.

The organization explained that the COVID-19 pandemic kindled their sensitivity to the food need of the nation and the need to get more hands to that sector which is also a strategy for economic empowerment for young people.


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