An urgent call for healing and restoration, Atakpa Youth Forum sides Ita Giwa

 Our heart bleeds for our beautiful Canaan city. Even as we struggle to come to terms with the physical, psychological and spiritual scars that events of the last week have caused, there are some in our midst who are hell bent on further traumatizing us with bile rhetorics. These are the psychological looters. To insinuate that tested and trusted Icons of our land were paid to promote peace and healing is preposterous to the extreme. In times past when these notable leaders were sacrificing their all to make Calabar and this state the envy of all in Nigeria who paid them. To be clear, Calabar has never experienced this level of hate and destruction not even during the civil war. So to now capitalise on such a tragedy to score cheap political points, settle envy induced personal scores, and to bring down hard earned reputable leaders is evil.  Any satanic plot to bring down their hard earned reputation will be strongly resisted. 

Why do these faceless people always rubbish genuine and good intentions?

What did Mma Giwa (Eka Eban) do wrong in going down on her knees to appeal to her children to stop the carnage?

With every sense of modesty, We make bold to proclaim that next to the great Mma Margaret Ekpo no woman has done more to promote the cause of Calabar and the Efik Kingdom than herself. 

This is not the time to engage in political and verbal rascality. For now Calabar and our people need to heal from the mortal wounds of the sinister days of rage. We need to clear the city and our minds of the debris of destruction and hatred that has been strewn abroad. We have a reputation of being clean people, let that cleanliness be visible in our hearts and conduct. Let us bring back the legacy of our famous "Cannan City". 

We love you Eka Esien Efik Duopeba unconditionally.

Atakpa Youth Forum

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