‘Obey government's directive on tax exemption for Keke and Taxi riders or face sanctions’, SA transport to loading officers

The Special Assistant on Transportation (Calabar South) to His Excellency Sen. Prof. Ben Ayade has issued a warning to all loading agents in Calabar South Local Government Area regarding the tax exemption policy just recently issued by the Cross River State Government which excludes Taxies and Tricycle operators in the State from paying taxes.

However, in a bid to enforce the tax exemption policy so laid by the administration of His Excellency Sen. Prof. Ben Ayade, the Special Assistant on Transportation to the Governor (Calabar South), Mr Joseph Denis Etim held an interactive session with various leaders of taxi and tricycle loading point incharge of ticketing.

He reiterated the Governor's strong stand against taxing the poor and vulnerable who barely take home anything which he described as inhumane and insensitive for any government not to take their plight into consideration.

Mr Denis drew serious emphasis on the issue while promising them a fall back platform of survival, noting that the Governor is a father to all and would certainly accommodate them in the scheme of things through his various employment scheme created thus far.

“Our Governor is a good man and I can assure you that if you all leave the streets, adhere to the instructions from the government without the use of force, you will be considered for other better opportunities”, Mr Denis assured them

He further stated that Government will not hesitate to use every means within her disposal to enforce strick compliance to the said policy should they be found wanting.

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