Gov. Bala, leave Cross River alone, face the over 110 strange deaths in 14 days in your state

By Inyali Peter

The kind of politics played in Cross River State is so unfortunate. I see people celebrating the inordinate claim by the Bauchi state Governor, Bala Mohammed that the new 15 cases of Coronavirus recorded in his state came from Cross River.

Those celebrating because they don't want Gov. Ben Ayade to get credit for anything should know that if there's Coronavirus in this state today, we'll all be in for it. From the Governor to all of us; it's not just a big man sickness as insinuated by some people. All of us will be at risk of contracting the virus.

Coronavirus knows no party or faction. It doesn't know whether you're a critic of Gov. Ayade or supporter. So, as you continue to pray that Cross River should record cases, know that you're also praying for yourself to be infected.

On the Bauchi Governor's claim, how come he didn't tell Nigerians where all the cases his state has recorded came from until now? How come he didn't tell Nigerians where he took his own to his state because he was the first person that imported the virus to his state?

Shouldn't Gov. Bala be more concerned about the cause of the mysterious death in his state in May? About 110 persons (some indigenes even claimed the number was over 300) died in Bauchi mysteriously in 14 days and till today, Bala who denied the claim by former member of the House of Representatives, Ibrahim Mohammed Baba that it was as a result of Coronavirus outbreak has failed to tell Nigerians the cause (s).

The mysterious death was in Azare town, headquarters of Katagum Local Government Area of the state. Even though Katagum District Head, Usman Mahmood Abdullahi confirmed that 110 people died mysterious within two weeks, the deputy Governor, Baba Tela, who is also the Chairman of the state Rapid Response Task Force Committee on COVID-19 and Lassa Fever, denied the claim saying only 30 people died but couldn't state the cause.

Coronavirus if not properly managed spread like wildfire and it kills. How possible is it that Cross River has Coronavirus to import as many as 15 to Bauchi yet people aren't dying mysteriously like in Bauchi and other northern states?

So, after trying so hard to send Almajiris to the state but failed, they have resorted to cheap blackmail. Must all the states in Nigeria be "allocated" cases by all means? Europe is topping charts in the number of cases in all the continents but Czech republic is till date still Coronavirus free.

Why is it difficult for these people to accept the reality that Cross River is Africa Czech republic? From the information available, Cross River is applying the Czech module in fighting in fighting COVID-19 and that's why the result is the same. Their target is the primary  stage which is prevention. If it worked for Czech, why do these people believe it can't work for Cross River?

Those 15 people, are they Cross Riverians? If yes, what did they go to do in Bauchi State at this critical time of inter state lockdown? Why didn't Bauchi shutdown its borders to prevent people from entering like other states? If truly they came from Cross River, why should Bala blame the state for his negligence? Can Bauchi trace their contacts to the state and test them to confirm the claim? How come they didn't show symptoms till they got to Bauchi? These and many questions are begging for answers.

How are we not even sure that those people are not part of the Almajiris they are allocating to states in the south as if they've become monthly federal allocation?

Governor Bala should face fighting Coronavirus in his state and leave Cross River alone. NCDC have come here and confirm the state as COVID-19 free. No amount of blackmail will change that.

Coronavirus can not be hidden forever. If it's here people will know. If truly those people came from Cross River then I suspect reasonably that they're some of the infected people they were trying to send to the state that were chased back at the borders by our galant COVID-19 taskforce.

When you plan evil against others, God has a way of repaying you back. Bala and his likes who may be sending Almajiris to Cross River should deal with their COVID-19 politics and leave Cross River out.

When Gov. Ayade is here mass producing face shield and face masks to distribute for free for Students to resume school, another Governor who has lost ideas and has failed abysmally  to stop the spread of the pandemic is going is there blaming Cross River for his obvious weakness.

Shame! Ayade is miles ahead them as far as preventing the spread of Coronavirus is concerned. It's difficult but they must accept this bitter truth.

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