The ennobling essence of man is to seek to positively affect the life of whoever comes across your path. Hon. Martin Orim is indeed totally detribalized with the heart of pure gold. He  does not consider where anyone comes from before rendering support and encouragement. He is a true Ayade's Foot Soldier in all ramifications with an incredible determination to defending the integrity of Governor Ben Ayade's  led administration. He is the leader of Team Ayade Group -A formidable political platform that has gone above and beyond in propagating the political philosophy of His Excellency the governor for the good people of Cross River State which is - Politics With Ethics , Decorum,  devoid of violence.

Politics may be a game of interests but the overall objective is that we must Think Cross River Every Step Of The Way. In furtherance of His Excellency's mandate in the fight against the dreaded COVID-19 pandemic that is threatening to throw humanity off balance, Hon Orim, said we must team up as one big  family to take responsibility towards flatten the rising curve.

 On what Cross River State has done differently in sustaining the Coronavirus free status, he stated categorically that it’s clear hard work and the proactiveness of His Excellency that has made the visible difference. He further said that Governor Ben Ayade is a game changer, that he always knows what to do and he does it in style. He called on all Cross Riverians to support, pray and give Governor Ayade the required encouragement to continually make Cross River State COVID-19 free . He reiterated also that loyalty is total that there are no middle zones and that the time to showcase that unflinching support for the Ben Ayade led administration is now.

 Hon Martin Orim is the leader of the MarySlessor COVID-19 Compliance Enforcement beat, he affirmed that the level of compliance within the Calabar metropolis is very impressive, that his team is committed to do more by enforcing strict compliance Without compromise within this period of the Pandemic.

In Summary, he called on the good people of Cross River State once more to foster unity by avoiding unnecessary distractions in this critical period and rather focus on staying safe in the face of a global pandemic that is ravaging the entire world systems without a specific expiration date...BEATRICE AKPALA- SSA COMMUNICATION AND ADVOCACY

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