Office of the SSA to Governor
On Honey Bee Project,
Ambassador Agim Godwin Apple,
A message to Co-operative and Individual
Bee Farmers in Cross River State of Nigeria
On the occasion of the Year 2020 United Nations
World Bee Day 20th of May:
Your Excellency,
Sen. Prof. Ben Ayade
Governor of Cross River State,
Members of all the co-operative Bodies
in Bee Farming.
Ladies and Gentlemen;
It is my pleasure to celebrate this important event that marked an insect that was recently Christian with a name of ‘’Celebrity Insect’’ by the Digital Governor, Prof. Ben Ayade.
Bee celebration is analyzed in the minds of some farmers as much love as Birthdays or other world events, some of us never believe that there is another day of the year that most excited about celebrating, and it’s just around the corner.
World Bee Day is the 20th of May 2020, a day to celebrate why Bees are so important and to shine a light on all the miraculous things Bees are doing to help us and our planet.
World Bee Day was set up by the United Nations to raise awareness of these vital pollinators, highlighting the threats bees face daily and singing them praise for their incredible contribution to sustainable development.
The United Nations, chose the 20th of May as it was the birthday of the 18th-century Slovenian pioneer of modern beekeeping, Anton JanÅ¡a, who “praised the bees for their ability to work so hard, while needing so little attention”.
World Bee Day is celebrated all over the world through amazing events run by beekeepers and the bee-loving community; however, due to the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis, most World Bee Day activities have been cancelled this year or at least altered considerably to comply with social distancing regulations Which made the Cross River State Honey Bee Project, under the leadership of His Excellency Prof. Sir Ben Ayade, to reach out to you all.
As the SSA to Governor on this tremendous project, my social emotions breaks to think that our partners and friends of Cross River State will not come together to celebrate this event with us, while the Bee itself might feel unnoticed in 2020 UN World Bee Day.
Now, bees are smart and considerate creatures, and they can see what a good job we all are doing looking out for one another during this time to promote care and tenderly, some of the activities are that of the Obudu Bee Farm project, Cross River State Bee Farmers’ Co-operative Union, The Youths Empowerment in Agriculture of the Human Rights Watch Foundation and the state flag-ship led by Dr. Mrs Onabe, the CRISBA as well as the Dr. Abu Undiayaundeye Apiaries in Obudu.
The bees understand that their annual festival might look a little different than it has in past years, but the show must go on because there is so much we can do from our homes, in our backyards, and using our various technologies to share the love of bees and their incredible capacities, while showing the bees themselves that we appreciate their hard work.
Ladies and Gentlemen, I will mark this cerebration by calling on our Honorable Members of the House of Assembly to completely put bans on illegal Bee hunting and Bush burning in Cross River State of Nigeria.
It is known that in terms of lives saving and sustainable agriculture, our Digital Governor, Prof. Ben Ayade, mentor’s the nation.
Throw some nairas in the pocket of your local beekeeper and buy raw honey from a small, ethical producer.


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