Joseph Ashibekong,CRS-MOI Officer reporting from Calabar

The Director General, Cross River State Boundary Development / Border Patrol Agency, Gen. John Agim, Rtd,has  said that the Agency is hugely committed to ensure that the primary purpose of establishing the Agency by Governor Ben Ayade is achieved within a short time

. Gen. Agim stated this recently, while addressing the patrol team at Cross River/Benue State Border, Gakem.

The Director General who also kept vigil with his team at Gakem Border noted that the only way the State Government will achieve result through the Agency is hard work,  exercising it's mandate which his team is already doing it's best to achieve result.

He charged the patrol team to always be at alert, check every vehicle coming in and going  out of the State, any one caught in any unlawful act, should be arrested. All must adhere to all preventive measures put in place by Government to ensure that Cross River State remain COVID--19 free.

General Agim visited some Police Stations to collaborate with Security Agencies to  assist the Agency in achieving her mandate, including the Kakwe Border in Obanliku Local Government Area;pointing out that a Police Check Point was 5established immediately to assist the Border patrol team, following a request  by the Community leaders.

Speaking further, Gen. Agim made it clear that, "the State Governo, Senator(Prof) Ben Ayade's commitment in building the State is in the right direction and should be upheld by the Agency.

 "Therefore, all hands must be on  deck to ensure that the State natural resources are not allowed to be carried away.'
 Any thing that is security risk should not be allowed to come into the State"Gen Agim affirmed..

The various Borders visited were Ajasor,  Ejimaya, Yahe, Gakem, Obudu, Kakwe, amongst others.

Gen. Agim also commended Governor for appointing hard working Board of Directors who are already carrying out their assignment effectively.

He appealed to Governor Ayade to look into the challenges of the Agency, which include "Operational Vehicles" to be attached to all the Directors to carry out their official assignment more effectively, adding that, considering the  distance between each border, the work load will be reduced with the help of the operational vehicles. The Agency will continue to put in it's best to protect the State through the Land Borders, Sea and Airport,he concluded.

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