In line with the  Governor’s directive of ‘no mask no movement’, team leaders across the various beats in Calabar metropolis have all commended the compliance level of Cross Riverians, adjudging it at a score  rate of eighty five to ninety percent.
     A combined team from the office of the Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Communication and Advocacy and the office of the Special Assistant on Strategic Communication took to the Streets of Calabar to monitor the compliance level of Cross Riverians along major junctions and roundabouts within the metropolis.
     Our trip to Calabar Calabar roundabout was eventful, the team leader, Mr. Chris Njar who doubles as the Commissioner for Social Housing expressed utmost satisfaction on the level of compliance recorded so far among commuters and pedestrians alike.

     Commenting on the COVID-19 free status of Cross River State, Mr. Njar posited that “it is due to the proactive measures of His Excellency, Governor Ben Ayade. He added that the Governor being a Professor Of Science  understood clearly the havoc such a virus can cause and he took proactive steps to protect the citizens of Cross River State by locking out all borders as well as enforcing strict precautionary measures in the state.
 He also said that Governor Ayade’s decision to lock out all entry points into Cross River State and his firm directives to all Cross Riverians is what has made the difference.In summary he added that though some of Governor Ayade's theories on the COVID-19 pandemic were heavily Criticised but today the usage of Face Mask for instance Has Been Made Compulsory By The Federal Government Of Nigeria.
     We also made some amazing discoveries in our trip to another enforcement post at Wapi junction by Diamond Hill, the Chairman Callywood Board who also doubles as the team leader Shan George took us through a thought-provoking experience. In our interface with her,  she rated the compliance level at Ninety percent.

     She expressed her disappointment at the incorrigible attitude displayed by some commuters and pedestrians, she however added that with the level of information dissemination and advocacy creation from government coffers, the people are beginning to comply effortlessly.
      she called on some uniform men who deliberately flout the use of face mask with impunity to do the needful by obeying government directives, stating that it is for our own good, she further reiterated that it is proven that the face mask has the capacity to protect us from coronavirus infection.

     Meanwhile, Atimbo roundabout being a strategic entry point from several locations, our team met the COVID-19 task force leaving no stone unturned by enforcing total compliance of government directives.

     Speaking, the leader John Etim Bassey, who is  the Special Adviser to the Governor on Oil Palm Development, expressed his excitement, stating that the effort of government is yielding productive results on all fronts, that the citizen’s compliance to the Governor’s directives is unprecedented. He reiterated that due to the proactive measures taken by Governor  Ben Ayade and members of COVID-19 task force that Cross River has made history by still retaining the COVID-19 Free Status at this critical stage When the figures of infected persons are rising drastically across the nation.
     He added that from his personal experience within the metropolis the awareness level on the part of citizens is very
 high, while applauding the effort of Sir Ben Ayade so far in curtailing the spread of the virus 🦠 to the State.

     At another strategic location, at the Watt market roundabout, the team leader, Effiong Ekpenyong a Seasoned Broadcaster who is the Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Carnival Planning expressed his enthusiasm,
 stating that if he were to rate the citizen’s compliance to the Governor’s no mask, no movement policy on a scale of hundred, he will give them a score as high as eighty percent.
     Adding that, though there was an initial display of disobedience, impunity and non-compliance by commuters and pedestrians. He further said that the massive sensitization and advocacy by the team manning the beat has helped to create awareness by making people to understand the importance of the No Mask No Movement policy.
     While commenting on the COVID-19 free status of Cross River State, Mr. Ekpenyong posited that you can call it luck or divine intervention but these elements do not take the place nor play down on the Governor’s hardwork and his usual manner of proactiveness.
     He added that the Governor in his visionary nature and approach to things saw the future ahead of his counterparts in other States and ensured a very quick and early approach of border closure in an attempt to keep the State free of the coronavirus pandemic which has earned him the respect of every well meaning Cross Riverian and has made Cross River State the envy of all.

     Commuters along Edgerly by Main Avenue at another beat manned by Maurice Inok who is the General Manager, Cross River Broadcasting Corporation were seen  displaying a very high level of compliance to the no mask, no movement directive of government.
     Mr. Inok was seen in action as the information manager that he is sensitising pedestrians on the usage of quality mask. He thanked the Governor and the members of the Cross River State COVID-19 taskforce for the effort put in place for the fight against the coronavirus pandemic in the State. He also called on the Federal Government to intervene especially in the area of border closure enforcement as Cross River State shares international boundaries with Cameroon and the Gulf of Guinea and as such, the responsibility will be too heavy for Cross River State Government alone with its lean resources to achieve the total lockout of international borders.

 He further called on all Cross Riverians to give Governor Ben Ayade the unflinching support required to drive governance in this trying times. On the COVID-19 free status of Cross River State Mr Inok Said that it is a clear indication that AYADE IS WORKING whether people choose to acknowledge It Or Not......#WeMustConSciouslyFlattenTheRisingCurve #NoMaskNoMovement #StaySafe

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