Everything we go through is in preparation for the dream God has put in our hearts - Ivy Odu

Throughout the story of Joseph we find a young man with a big dream and many inconvenient and painful situations that would seem to work to the contrary of his dream. No matter what we go through, God is with us. Regardless of circumstance, God is with us. Not only was He with Joseph, but His favor was on Joseph so much that his master saw the blessing of the Lord on his life. God will place us in an environment that will help prepare us for destiny. Unfortunately the environment might be a dull, mundane, everyday, day in and day out existence.Regardless of how it feels, God will bless us in that environment when we are faithful.

Everything, I mean every job, situation, relationship, circumstance; absolutely everything we go through is preparation for the dream God has put in our hearts. Joseph was to be the leader of a nation. The lessons he learned about authority in Potiphar’s house were invaluable. If he would have gotten into pride and arrogance thinking, he was too good for this environment, there was a possibility he could have been killed. It was vital to Joseph’s destiny and dream for him to learn the lesson that God had for him in while he was in Potiphar’s house. I want to encourage you right now; God has you where you are for a reason. He may not have placed you there but you are where you are and ultimately you must trust that it is for our good and God’s glory.

Many people miss out the fullness of God’s dream for their life because they allow the “symptoms” of what I call “Dream Deficiency Syndrome” to overwhelm them. A few of these “symptoms” include mediocrity, regret, ungratefulness, comparison, negativity, and offense. God wants us to live a full size dream and if we want to live this God-sized dream we must not fall into this syndrome!

It’s time we stop being deficient in our dream. If you’ve noticed any of these symptoms then find someone you trust and that loves you to help hold you accountable so this deficiency doesn’t override your dream. You can overcome “Dream Deficiency Syndrome” by changing your mindset. It’s time to renew your mind and allow yourself to dream again!

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