C'river info commissioner gives Abati 3 days to tender apology to Governor Ayade as FG adopts the No Mask, No Movement Policy.

The Cross River State Commissioner for Information Comrade Asu Okang has called on Dr Reuben Abati, a presenter on the Arise TV and former Special Adviser to erstwhile President Goodluck Jonathan to tender a public apology to the Governor of Cross River State, Prof. Ben Ayade, which he, in past weeks in his usual vituperation used unacceptable and unprintable utterances on the Governor for daring to suggest and further pioneering the face mask for all in public spaces against the WHO directives. 

The information boss made this known to our newsroom after President Buhari's address to the nation where face mask for all in all public places has now become a mandatory requirement for all citizens who intend to go out of their homes to serve as a means of protection to all during the span of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Asu said it became necessary to call out the presenter who through his medium had attempted to vitiate the image of the Governor of Cross River State who in the interest of the people and his pedigree in science and immunology as a professor, pioneered the cause of fabric nosemask for all.

Against the World Health Organization's standards, the use of nose mask for all was strongly prohibited except for health workers, COVID 19 patients and their caregivers.
This they claimed could aide in rapid spread of the virus if wide spread usuage of the nose mask is allowed.

The argument totally discredited the use of fabric mask which was for the Governor, a path he knew, he would be trading alone.
Reuben's callous utterances is said to have been provoked by the launch of the face mask for all in Cross River State, where Governor Ben Ayade visibly reiterated, NO MASK, NO MOVEMENT order while empowering the State's COVID 19 to ensure strick adherence to the directive.

Speaking in a very demeaning manner, Dr Abati said, “...and then when he said NO MASK, NO MOVEMENT, all of them ignorantly just soaked in the ignorance that the Governor of Cross River State has put out”, while describing appointees of Government as individuals who “switch off their brains and exchange it with sawdust” for supporting such notions.

The Commissioner for Information, has said it would be noble if Abati uses that same platform to apologize to the Governor of Cross River State for dabbling into issues he has very lean knowledge on while he expects that he Abati will find a way to get his face mask immediately to avoid being prosecuted for disobeying a national order, recommended by Gov Ayade to the WHO.

“We expect to see Reuben Abati with the very face mask he criticized but he sure has to do that with some degree of solemnity by first apologizing to the man who has bruised his ego”, Asu added.

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