By: Achiane Adams, CRS-MOI Officer reporting from Calabar

The Cross River State Commissioner for Solid Minerals Development, Rt. Hon. George O'Ben-Etchi, has taken to his social media page to appeal to the Federal Government to take proactive measures to help fight the Corona Virus (Covid-19) pandemic by releasing emergency funds to assist States.

Hon. O'Ben-Etchi, while aring his personal views on the inaccuracies surrounding the disbursement of funds to unverified people, said that although the times are very critical, the Federal Government must be transparent to Nigerians about the whole process.

He said if the Federal Government can release bailout funds for salaries, why not now when the States, both those with and without recorded cases need to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic.

Commending some State Governors like that of Cross River State, who have committed limited resources in ensuring the Covid-19 pandemic does not enter their States, the Commissioner said although no one saw this coming and the times are critical, Federal Governments all over the world are reaching out to their States or Regional Governments to help contain the Covid-19 pandemic.

"It does not matter whether a State is termed "Rich", the time to act is now. The Federal Government should please come to the aid of States and by extension, save the lives of it's citizens, after all the primary objective of any government either at the State or Federal level, is the protection of the lives, rights and properties of it's citizens." He concluded. #

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