Ayade actions could salvage the Nigeria's situation - aides.

The Senior Special Assistant Communication and Advocacy Beatrice Akpala and Special Assistant, Strategic Communication Andrea Ekeng has said that the actions of the Cross River State Governor Prof Ben Ayade could save Nigeria from the impending economic backlash arising from the drastic decline on oil globally caused by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Crude oil which is the major source of revenue for the Federal Government and despite the huge rents from oil, the economy still couple with many problems including high and rising unemployment rate, declining manufacturing production, high and rising level of poverty, low per capital income and poor infrastructural development.

Howbeit today, with the drastic fall in crude prices, how can the economy thrive? They questioned.

On Goodmoring Cross River a live television program on Cross River State Broadcasting Corporations - CRBC, the duo noted that while other states will be grappling with the new reality at the verge of COVID - 19 pandemic to seek alternative means of salvaging their economies from total collapse, C'river State will be leading the pack through Agro-industrilization.

“We are not seeking to diversify our economy now, that already was the sole mission of the administration since 2015 when Governor Ben Ayade took over with over 35 mega factories mostly agriculture related, to decouple the State from Federal Allocation”, Andrea Ekeng emphasized.

The communication experts asserted that by analysis these factories will turn the tides and bring great fortune to the state, observing that each factory can accommodate atleast 1,000 workers.

Beatrice Akpala also noted that while other states are grappling with the economic crunch caused by the global pandemic and the increasing rate of youth restiveness occassioned by the lockdown, the Governor was quick to understand the best applicable model that is most suitable for the state by immediate closure of borders against movement into and out of the state.

She said these sequence of actions which further introduced the NO MASK, NO MOVEMENT order which was widely critized and now gradually accepted by the global community has help kept the state safe and free from COVID 19 and not necessary shutting down the state and causing untold hardship from people who are dependent on daily income for survival.

Additionally, the Communication and Advocacy Senior Special Assistant, Ms. Beatrice Akpala called on Crossriverians to ensure that the facemask must not only be worn to avoid be prosecuted but to help keep themselves and their loved ones safe.
“We are setting a model for other States and the Federal Government to emulate. Direct engagement of young people in the Agricultural chain is the way forward like what we have here in Cross River State where the Governor has begun the process of engaging 8,000 youth with a take-home akin the recently approved minimum wage.” - she added.

They noted that the economy cannot be allowed to comatose because of the pandemic by using the template of other advance countries who already have well planned method of providing stimulus package for all and sundry.
“Gov Ayade's actions may not be conventional but so far it has yielded positive results and we think it might just be the solution Nigeria really needs” - Andrea Ekeng said while making reference to states who have begun to implement the NO MASK, NO MOVEMENT policy while making plans to loosen up on their lockdown orders and seeking alternative to their economies.

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