SSG scripts a heart warming message to Gov Ayade on his birthday

Today God Almighty created the giant ALAKUKU as a gift to the world, the omnipotent omnipresence all knowing decided he shall be born to a simple humble family in Kakum Obudu in Cross River state, like Jesus was born by an innocent girl and simple Joseph the carpenter sent to help out with him in Bethlehem.  Little did the parents know they were bringing up innocently a redeemer of the fatherless motherless orphans disabled widows and the needy generally.  The all knowing  God placed him in the appropriate position to shoulder the responsibilities Him God has sent him to carry out through this humble family in Kakum. Like Solomon God gave him wisdom so that in school he was the smartest kid and passed his exams with flying colors all through his school years, The all knowing omnipotent God knowing the task ahead of him endowed him with great wisdom and  put him in the path of success and created an avenue and route for him at a very tender age to the amazement of his kins  men and women. The omnipotent God in his infinite wisdom decided to add wealth to his wisdom like King Solomon.  Again as designed he became exposed to the world at an early age and Ofcourse he was discovered by the world and became a tool for creation of wealth, solving humanity problems and in that trajectory the All knowing God decided at the very trying times for Cross River State sent this specially created child of His to our great state for him to come and save us from the impeding recession and injustice of taking away our natural God given oil wells, our bakassi territory and render our people homeless and putting us at the  35th position of federal allocation. God is simply awesome and knows best what when and how to package his salvation.   At his arrival as the Governor of Cross River state, he immediately took off the ground with a great debt burden and near zero allocation.  With his God given wisdom he immediately developed the Ayadeism philosophy and the Ayadetian economy theory which is a hybrid of the Adams smith and the Keynesian economic theories where people and humanity first took the center stage, he appointed over 8,000 persons into government positions each with a salary of not less than 130,000 monthly. This in his wisdom was to create a pathway for peace calmness and a feeling of inclusiveness especially among the youths women and the less privileged.  He instilled back the humanity spirit into the humans and the people became robust and calm. (Afterall did they not say a hungry man is an angry man?) he conquered hunger and the people rejoiced. He moved on and ensured workers civil servants and all workers contracts staff etc were paid as and when due. We could put a clock to the time of payment on or before 25th of each month even with a yearly gesture of an earlier May payment to appreciate the workers of our state and to encourage and motivate them to understand the dignity in labour.  This was a pathway to creating a private sector economy and now introducing cross riverians to a new possibility tending to decouple the state from federal government allocation and creating an economy based on us creating internal wealth using his God given  intellect. He embarked on massive industrialization of the state beginning  with the biggest garment factory in Africa, we were mesmerized and applauding the idea and feat as it employed over 3,000 workers with 70% women, he shock us further with the rice seedling plant which is just a wonder when you watch rice grow from pure planting seeds to transferable stems in 18hours. What a wonder! That became the real takeoff point, from then he embarked on building the most  agricultural value chain ever thought of in this part of the world. The cocoa processing factory in ikom  tending  to compete  with the world’s best chocolate factories like the Olive & Sinclair chocolate factory in the United States and
Maison Cailler Chocolate Factory in Switzerland. Always aiming for the tops, he moved on to almost simultaneously building the gigantic humongous rice mill in Ogoja capable of milling rice to feed the entire west Africa. In every LGA he has earmarked an industry good enough for that LGA.  He created the Ayade Industrial park and installed solar energy and built factories to produce all sorts of agricultural based products from chicken processing to indomi. No wonder we his ardent admirers believe he has created Shanghai in Calabar.
He came in with the budget of deep vision while he was deeply visualizing these ideas the world wondered some slept, some criticized some just wondered where he was taking us, he moved on to infinite transposition again many  did not understand, he infinitely transposed us into seeing ourselves in the higher realm and hammered on the need to intensify efforts in his signature projects the deep sea port and the super highway. The feeble minds quavered he pushed on and on. He transversed the universe searching for investors again the slow thinkers the layed back wondered and criticized, most times I wondered at the criticism and I asked what else could this young man had done in the face of us not having enough money from the general purse? My question is answered by prayers for him for favors and open doors for health and for protection for continuous wisdom
Provision by the almighty. So far God has been faithful.  Todate he is still on the move searching for investors and wailing to to the federal government on our predicaments of the deprived oil wells the cessation
He went on to bring up the budget of kinetic crystallization, quabalistic densification  and now the great olimpotic meristemesis with a flare of mystical ecclassical energy that shall no doubt propel us to higher heights.

My father, my brother, my mentor, my Governor, the people’s Governor, the father of the fatherless, the husband to all widows, the promise keeper, the light in the darkness you are who we are. God is great happy 52nd birthday.

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