By: Joseph Achu,CRS-MOI Officer reporting from State Electrification Agency.

The Director General,State Electrification Agency, Mr Stanley Boyce Nsemo, has held his maiden meeting with Staff of the Agency,where the first progress report on the schedules of the Agency was presented.

Mr Nsemo
while addressing the staff  asserted that he believes in self evaluation and examination and admonished them to live up to their responsibilities, be time concious and committed to their assigned duties to ensuring that they get targetted results.

During the meeting, there were several reported issues of wrong placement of staff, favouritism in assingning responsibilities, obsolete equipment,   shortage of projects vehicles as well as lack of projects to be executed by the Agency, amongst others.

The  Director General assured the staff that all the issues  raised would be looked into and adequately addressed,  promising that positive solutions would certainly be provided after much consultation.

He directed all the Engineers who are in possession of the Agency's properties to return them to the Agency for optimal use.

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