By: Akamba Jude, CRS- MOI Officer.

In their resolve to have a voice in furtherance to the growth and strengthening  of thePeoples Democratic Party and for the good governance of the State, the PDP in the Northern Senatorial District comprising  Yala, Ogoja, Bekwarra, Obudu and Obanliku Local Government Areas have passed a vote of confidence on Governor Ben Ayade on the decision of where the State Party Chairmanship should be zoned to in the State.

The vote of confidence was passed during a crucial meeting of PDP stakeholders from the five Local Government Areas of Northern Senatorial Districts held at Channels View Hotel,Calabar and coordinated by the Party's Zonal spokesman, Chief Tony Undiandeye.

Chief Undiandeye, who in his   opening remarks, gave a  history of Cross River-PDP , stated that the challenges of the Party rom 1998 to date, put that, the emergence of all the past Party Chairmen were decided by the sitting Governors from the Southern Senatorial Districts of the the State and every member; irrespective of the zone, gave full support,noting that, same support should be given to the current Governor,Sen (Prof.) Ben Ayade for this is an opportunity that the Northern Senatorial Districts had long craved for, so members should not act differently.

" If the Governor succeeds all of us  succeed, if he fails we all have then failed for failure, is not measured by the practical infrastructural things that you do, but also in the fair grips of the politics that you will play to position your people appropriately for the next generation of politics", Chief Tony intoned.

He posited that, since the Governor is from Obudu, those aspiring for the position from Obudu should step aside in the circulation in order not to create complications as he  urged the leaders from Obudu
to express their view stating that he is not in the right position to speak for them.

In their responses, the Obudu delegates after  acknowledging , Chief Undiandeye for convening the meeting, also welcomed everyone present, maintaining that,  though Obudu had clamored and desired for a Governor from the north and today they have one.and by God's grace,the Governor, Prof. Ben Ayade, from  Northern Cross River has done exceedingly well,pointing out that it will be unfair for the first time, the North should be asking to  produce a State Party Chairman when they already have a sitting Governor.

"There is an Unwritten policy in the Party that we are a family, that is why we can take some collective decisions on behalf of the party", he avered.

He added that Obudu have been given the opportunity to produce a Governor who is also in his second term, so it will be unwise for Obudu to still clamour for  the State Party Chairman,emphazing that Obudu have clearly established to inform other stakeholders that, for the unity  of Cross River State and in the spirit of oneness, they have decided to opt out of the aspiration for State Party Chairmanship position,noting that any of its members who decides to contest, does that on his or her own risk.

In his contribution, Barr. Agabi Oko expressed deep pleasure for the conveners of the meeting to think it very necessary to bring all stakeholders in the north together to discuss this crucial and important matter..

The Delegates came to a consensus that, the decision of choosing a constituency to produce a candidate as the Party Chairman should be left for the Governor, Sen (Prof.) Ben Ayade, not as an act of imposition, but as a way of seeking direction from him being on the highest hierarchy of the Party in the State.

In that regard, a '5-man harmonization Committee' was created to look into the issue and come up with a position within 48 hours, that will be sent to the Governor  as a guide in his decision for the interest of Cross River Northern Senatorial District and the State at large.

The followings are members of the harmonization Committee:
Hon. Barr. Pius Awa (Chairman);
Hon. Alphonsus Eba (Secretary);
Hon. Boni Igwe (member);
Hon. Rita Ayim (member)
Hon. Stella Odey (member); and
Mr. Chris Ogar Idang (member).

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