Dantata Foods to station processing factory in Cross River State, urges FG to rehabilitate roads.

By David Peter

The General Manager, Dantata Foods & Allied Products (DFAP) Ltd, Alhaji Sanusi Bature, has demonstrated his readiness to partner and invest in Cross River's economy. Alhaji Sanusi, disclosed his interest at the Agro-business, finance and Investment Summit in Cross River State.

The summit stakeholders meeting was anchor by the U.S Government Global Hunger & Food Security Initiative, FEED THE FUTURE with a focus on creating an enabling environment for agriculture by working with interrelated components.
The executive meeting was held on; Thursday, 27 February, 2020 at Transcorp Hotel, Calabar.

Dantata Foods & Allied Products (DFAP) Ltd is solely a Nigerian company based in Kano involved in the production and packaging of food, beverages, and processing of agro allied products. The company is also involved in the production of nylon (polythene) and plastics edging amongst the top medium scale companies in Northern Nigeria with a tremendous steady growth in the industry.

David Peter, interviewing the Managing Director, Dantata Foods, Alhaji Sanusi; He briefed the pressmen on his keen values to explore and invest on the agro-processing value chains in cross river state.

"I am here to attend the Feed the Future stakeholders forum to explore existing opportunities in Cross river state. "We have food processors and we are looking for some business opportunities on groundnut and cotton as well, probably establish a factory here that my company will be producing groundnut and cotton seed oil in the state".

Continuing, "Dantata is here to see what the state as to offer to investors like us, also try to see on how we can support the state to have an economy growths and job creation, because the more investor's comes into the state the more job avails the people". He said.

The Manager, further expunged his focus for Dantata Foods to feed African countries, as well optimizing cross river state port's as a window to exotic nations.

MD Dantata speaking, "We want to establish our exports base here in Cross river state so we can convey our products to other African countries from the ports in Calabar. "At the moment we have an existing market in Mali and other African countries for cotton seeds cake and groundnut cake which is basically used for animal feeds, chocolate and secondary processing".

"Those are the product we want  to export from the Calabar port to Africa and Foreign country's. However, "we are desired and can open a big window for exports within this axis". He assured.

In continuity, Alhaji Sanusi, grants his engrossment to take advantage of the Bakassi Deep seaport for exportation. He further, appeal to the Federal government to buckle the rehabilitation of roads to ease agro mobility as well, knot Investors sustainability.

He said, "What we are starting now with is the existing fourth facility to ensure that we are on ground. "So anytime the Bakassi Deep Sea project comes into reality we will also benefit from that". He added, " We are looking forward to see that as a dream come true because that will enhance the export capacity of the country not only in Cross river state".

Alhaji Sanusi, further appeal to the Federal Government,  "I will really want the Federal government of Nigeria to as matter of urgency support cross river and other neighboring state to rehabilitate the Federal roads that are actually coming into this direction. "Why because if you are actually bringing agro-product's into this axis and, for example you are using container's if some of your trucks falls along the road because of the poor untrodden road situation then you will loss alot of profits and investors will not want that so, rehabilitation of the access roads to this area is very important which can be handle by the federal government". Sanusi ended.

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